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Ditch the Chemicals: Safer Alternatives That You Should Be Using Now

You put a lot of time and effort into keeping your home clean for your family. Unfortunately, some of the house cleaning products you’re using day after day contain potentially toxic chemicals. If you’re trying to rid your home of dust, allergens, and bacteria, you probably don’t want to replace them with something even more harmful. If you’re ready to make a switch that will support the health of your family as well as the environment, why not try using safe, natural, alternatives in place of your usual cleaning products? To learn more, read this blog from Layla’s Maid Service, a family-owned cleaning company servicing Fredericksburg for over 15 years.

Why Choose Green?

More and more people are becoming aware of the products they are using and how potentially-harmful ingredients are not only poisonous, but how they can affect indoor air quality, and harm the environment. Common household cleaners are a big culprit. Ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia, lye, and artificial fragrances have been implicated in a wide range of issues from simple coughing and sneezing to serious chemical burns and potentially causing cancer.

And if you’re not concerned about your own health risk, think about your baby crawling on the floor, or your beloved family pet that likes to lick everything. Do you really want them ingesting these poisonous chemicals? There are many safer options out there. Try some of these natural formulas to make your home a safe place for everyone.

Three Simple Ingredients, Endless Uses

All it takes is three simple ingredients to create most of the home cleaning products you will ever need. Chances are, you probably already have them in your kitchen. Using these ingredients alone or in combination will provide you with methods to safely clean greasy dishes and countertops, scour away dirt and buildup, and eliminate tough stains.

Lemon Juice

You can’t get more natural than the juice of a lemon yet this all-purpose fruit is a powerful cleanser. Mix a tablespoon with a quart of water and you have a replacement for that ammonia-based glass cleaner. Or, mix a little with some baking soda and rub it on tile grout to clean and eliminate mold. When you’re done squeezing the juice out of those lemons, put the peelings down the garbage disposal to keep it clean and smelling fresh. When it comes to lemons, the uses are endless.


Another ingredient made by mother nature, vinegar is truly an all-purpose cleaner. Pour some in your toilet bowl and scrub with a brush to eliminate stains and make it sparkle. Or, mix a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water to create a natural hard-surface cleaner. Do you want that all-purpose cleaner to have a fresh citrus aroma? You can add orange or lemon peels to your vinegar and after a few weeks it will not only get your floor clean, but it will make your house smell great.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is not just for baking! Freshen up your carpets by sprinkling baking soda on them. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then vacuum as normal. Do you have a stubborn drain clog that you can’t get rid of? A blend of baking soda and vinegar is all you need. This mixture will create a powerful foam that will attack tough clogs so you can rinse them away.

A Simple Change, A Big Impact

Choosing to use natural ingredients for your daily home-cleaning needs is an easy change. Ingredients such as lemons and vinegar can reduce the overall toxic load in your home and prevent accidents from happening. When you use safer alternatives for your cleaning you’ll not only be an advocate for greener living, but most likely you’ll be saving money!

Everyone wants to have a home that is clean and safe for their family. Unfortunately, today’s busy lifestyle often makes it difficult to do everything that we want to do. If you want help with routine or deep cleaning of your home, don’t forget to contact Layla’s Maid Service. A family-owned cleaning company for over 15 years, we are committed to helping each of our customers with their specific needs. Call today or fill out our online form to get an estimate!

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