Superior Residential Cleaning Services


Deep Cleaning

Life gets busy. You have a career to handle, a relationship to cherish, a family to be a part of. On top of all that, you have errands and other obligations to attend to. When do you have time for cleaning? The answer is, you often don’t. We get it; we’ve all been there. At Layla’s Maid Service, we work to take the burden of deep cleaning off of your shoulders. Along with regular home cleaning services, we also provide deep cleaning.


Deep Cleaning Services

Whenever we come to your home, along with our standard cleaning services, we can additionally offer the following deep cleaning services:

  • Wash ceiling fan blades (If fan can be reached with a 3 step ladder)
  • Hand-wash light fixtures (If lights can be reached with a 3 step ladder. No chandeliers.)
  • Vacuum or wash blinds and shutters, and wash or dust mini-blinds
  • Hand- wash moldings, window sills, and other woodwork
  • Hand-wash baseboards
  • Dust or vacuum lamps and lampshades
  • Polish fronts, sides, and legs of furniture
  • Scrub stove tops
  • Wash cabinet fronts
  • Wash doors
  • Wash light switch plates
  • Wash countertops and backsplashes
  • Windex mirrors
  • Thoroughly scrub bathtubs and showers to remove buildup
  • Empty, scrub and reline wastebaskets
  • Change all bed linens
  • Vacuum stairs and wash wood banisters
  • Vacuum and mop flooring, including closets
  • Oven and refrigerator cleaning at an extra cost

Find a Regular Cleaning Schedule that Works for You

Once your home has received a deep cleaning, it becomes far easier to maintain that level of cleanliness. With weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly scheduled home cleaning services, we can keep your home looking consistently beautiful. For more information or to get a free estimate, contact us online or by phone today! Call Us.