Five Places You Might Forget To Clean In Your Stafford VA Home

Five Places You Might Forget To Clean In Your Stafford, VA Home

Spring has passed and summer is now upon us, meaning that there is no shortcoming of airborne pollen and dust. Because of this, keeping up on home cleaning in Stafford, VA can be a little difficult in an effort to help you stay on top of cleaning this summer, your Source of home cleaning services, Layla’s Maid Service, has compiled a short list of easily dirtied places in your house that we would be willing to bet that you seldom remember to clean.

The Ceiling Fan

Often overlooked because — well — nobody really spends their time looking up, the ceiling fan is often one of the dirtiest places in Stafford homes. The reasoning behind this is that even if the fan is moving, it can accumulate dust and other airborne substances. Sadly, when a fan is full of dust, pollen, and dirt it doesn't just accumulate and hold the substances, but rather holds and redistributes the airborne substances back around your house. If you hire Layla’s Maid Service for home cleaning in Stafford, VA, you can rest easy knowing your ceiling fans will get the attention that they deserve.

Under Appliances

Much like the ceiling fan, appliances are a hotbed for dust, dirt, and other substances. Yes, it may be clean as far as meets the eye, but after weeks of sweeping, there are bound to be some less than ideal surprises hiding underneath the appliances. Have someone tip back the appliance while sweeping underneath, or call Layla’s Maid Service and ask about our floor cleaning and professional house cleaning services to rest easy knowing there is no dirt hiding in your house.

Floor Vents

Some Houses have ventilation systems like the central air that feature vents in the floor, most usually close to the baseboard. Even if when you sweep and mop you are extremely careful not to drag the pile of dust and debris anywhere near the vent, we can almost guarantee that some debris will fall down the vent. Much like a dirt ceiling fan, a dirty vent is not necessarily good for your health — unless you enjoy breathing dusty air, that is. When dirt, dust and other debris find their way into your ventilation, it simply circulates through your house, getting things dirty more than once. To avoid Simply re-allocating dirt and debris through your house, contact us at Layla’s maid service for our superior home cleaning services in Stafford, VA.


Usually, when people are cleaning their homes they look at the floor and the walls, but forget to look at the adjoining part of the two. Baseboards, much like any other surface can accumulate dust. What separates baseboards from other dust accumulating substances is that baseboards are much harder to clean once they have accumulated a large amount of dust — because if it isn't done right, or frequently enough, you will end up just smearing the dust around. If you notice that you have dusty baseboards, call the professional cleaners at Layla's Maid Service, your local cleaning specialists in Stafford, VA.


Doormats, while not something that we personally clean here at Layla’s maid service, are an extremely important item to regularly clean. “Why?” you might ask? Well, to put it simply, they are made to accumulate dirt, and when they meet their threshold — they start to spread it. While yes, it may not be enough for you to see, you can trust your local cleaning specialists when we say that it does. To ensure the cleanliness of your house simply keep your doormats clean, and call your Stafford, VA home cleaning specialists for the rest.

Your Source Of Home Cleaning In Stafford, VA

Houses get dirty, it is simply a part of life — but they don't have to stay dirty. If your home is in need of a quick clean or a seasonal clean, contact us today at Layla’s maid service for home cleaning in Stafford, VA. Our professional house cleaning services will have your home looking great in no-time. We look forward to hearing from you!

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