Six Benefits of Keeping a Clean Home

When you were a child, what did you learn about keeping a clean house? Were you told that you had to clean your room without any explanation as to why? Or maybe you learned that cleaning was something that was only important to do when the arrival of house guests was imminent. Unless your parents enlisted the help of professional cleaning services, being told to “pick up your toys” or “make your bed” was something you probably heard on a daily basis.

Regardless of what you were taught about cleaning, most of us know that having a clean house is a good thing, and it takes a lot of time and effort to make it happen. But why should we put so much energy into it? There are actually many reasons for keeping a clean home that extend well beyond the poorly motivating theme of “because that’s what you’re supposed to do.” Our blog will help you learn about them — from the simple and common sense to reasons that you just may have never thought of before, our blog will surely give you more motivation to keep your home clean!

Improves Allergies

Millions of people suffer from allergies of all different kinds. Some of the most common allergies are related to dust, pollen and pet dander. All three of these types of allergens are common in the home, and without regular cleanings, their numbers can skyrocket. It’s easy for dust and dander to get out of hand as many of us don’t have time to dust every shelf and vacuum every floor on a daily basis. This is where hiring a professional cleaning service like Layla’s Maid Service can help. Keep runny noses and sneezing to a minimum by making sure to vacuum and dust often.

Improves Social Skills

While this reason may be somewhat of an exaggeration, when you keep a clean home you don’t have to panic when people stop by. Instead of stressing about how messy your house is, you can focus on truly enjoying time with your house guest. Have you ever run into someone you haven’t seen in a long time and wished that you could invite them over for an impromptu visit, but knew there was no way you could do it with your house in its current condition? How nice would it be to not have those limitations? Keeping your house clean and organized means you’ll always be ready to welcome house guests when the opportunity arises.

Sets a Good Example

Children are often a reflection of their parents, and rarely would a child choose to keep their room clean in the absence of constant nagging. When you show your child that keeping a clean and organized house is important, it instills good habits and values that will last a lifetime. A messy, dirty home can give them the message that it’s okay to disrespect the things that people have worked hard for, or that being responsible and choosing to be clean and organized aren’t important. When your child learns what it’s like to have a sense of accomplishment, that feeling will guide them in all aspects of their life, not just housecleaning.

Reduces Stress

When your house is cluttered and messy, how do you feel? Does it make you feel stressed out looking at all of the things that are out of place? How do you feel when you have to spend an hour looking for something because it’s not where it should be? Worse yet, have you ever had to spend your hard-earned money to buy something you already have just because you can’t find it?

Just as a cluttered home can cause stress in many ways, a clean and organized home can create a calming, relaxing environment. With so much chaos and things vying for our attention, why not create a peaceful oasis that you can look forward to coming home to every day.


Cleanliness and organization aren’t just for people who want to create a relaxing atmosphere. Keeping a clean home is actually necessary for the health of your family. Excess clutter can provide harborage areas for insects and vermin. These pests are not only unwanted guests, but they are known for carrying disease. Keeping areas clean and clutter-free will prevent pests from finding a cozy spot to take up residence.

It probably goes without saying, but a clean and sanitized kitchen is a vital means of preventing food poisoning. When dirty dishes and countertops are left for an extended time, it gives potentially harmful bacteria time to grow. Not only does this make it harder to return your kitchen to a sanitary state, but it provides more opportunities for cross-contamination and spreading of the bacteria. While many people think food poisoning is just a bad stomach ache, it is actually very dangerous, and can even be deadly. Help keep your family safe by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing each and every day.


Most moms can tell you that one of the most painful experiences of raising a child is stepping on all of their toys — particularly those little brightly colored interlocking bricks! All joking aside, a messy, cluttered home can truly be a safety hazard. If you’re aren’t expecting something to be in your path as you walk through, it can easily contribute to slips, falls, twisted ankles, or worse. Don’t let an out of place RC car be the cause of an emergency room visit. Remember that a clean and organized home is a safe home.

Call Layla’s Maid Services

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