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Tips for Making Your House Stay Clean Longer - Part Two

In our last blog, we discussed how you can keep your home clean by offering several ways to prevent dirt and dust from entering your house. Even if you enlist the help of a home cleaning service if you don’t put forth some effort each and every day, your home will get dirty quickly. Today, the team at Layla’s Maid Service would like to discuss additional ways you can maintain the cleanliness of your home for a longer period of time with some easy ideas and by changing your daily habits.

Encourage Daily CleaningKeep Cleaning Supplies Handy

You’ll find that it’s much easier to clean on the fly when you don’t have to spend 30 minutes rounding up the gloves, sponges, brushes, and cleaners you need to do the job. Consider putting a small carrier with cleaning supplies in several closets around the house. At the very least, make sure you have at least one on each floor of your house. Making it more convenient to clean will naturally encourage you to do it more often.

Set a Timer

Set a timer each night (or morning, if that works better for you), and commit to just 10 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. This could involve focusing on one particular room of your home or just working on the most neglected areas. Maybe you could set aside this time for going through that huge pile of mail and throwing it away or filing it appropriately. Or, you could spend your time doing a quick sweep of the floors and throw in a load of laundry to help lessen the time it will take to do on the weekend.

No matter what you decide to do during these few minutes, it’s most important that you stick with it each and every day. You’ll be surprised how much more time you have for yourself and your family because you’ve dedicated that short time each day to cleaning.

Create a Space for Everything

An easy thing that you can do to promote daily cleaning is to have a space for everything. If you have accumulated too many things and just don’t know where to put it all, it will make quick daily pickups hard to do. Look at the things that tend to get left out every day making your home look cluttered. Could you get a few decorative bins that would help with clean-up and organization? What about getting a storage cabinet with doors, or a shabby chic trunk to house the belongings that seem to never have a home of their own?

If you’re still having a hard time finding a place for everything after buying totes, bins, and shelves, maybe that means you have to take a hard look at just how much stuff you have. A clean home should have a place for everything. So, you either need a bigger home (which is usually not an option), or fewer things.

Less Stuff Equals Less to Clean

Even a “clean” house can feel dirty when it’s cluttered and most of us have a bad habit of acquiring too much stuff. If you really want to make an impact on the cleanliness and feel of your home, make a solid effort to start getting rid of things you don’t need.

You can tackle this in two different ways. You could dedicate a day on the weekend to rounding up a bunch of things you’re ready to part with and then drive it directly to the donation center. Or, you could do a little bit at a time by keeping a “donate” box in each room. This approach allows you to work on it over time so you don’t feel like you are instantly getting rid of all of your beloved collectibles.

You could also establish a “one in, two out” policy whereby you decide to get rid of two things every time you purchase a new one. Or, just make a decision to buy fewer things in the first place. You can also make an effort to repurpose items and just learn how to have more appreciation in general for what you already have.

Get Help By Calling a Home Cleaning Service

No matter how diligent you are about trying to keep your home clean, there comes a time when you just need some help from a professional. The cleaning experts at Layla’s Maid Service are here for you, whether your home needs a thorough deep cleaning or just weekly maintenance. We are a small, family-owned business that puts our customers first, so we’d be happy to set up a customized cleaning plan just for you. If you live in King George, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, or the surrounding area, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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