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Why Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Spring

Spring is naturally a time when everything feels fresh and new. And for most people, it’s the perfect time to open up the windows and sweep out the dust bunnies that have accumulated over the long winter. Spring cleaning is different from your everyday cleaning in that you, or your professional cleaner, take the time to perform some really deep cleaning. It usually involves moving the furniture and cleaning behind things or in corners that you don’t usually have time to get to.

Even if you did a full spring cleaning just a few months ago, the team at Layla’s Maid Service wants to share with you why spring cleaning isn’t just for spring. As we start to turn the corner from summer to fall, now is a good time to consider doing another deep cleaning before the cooler weather sets in. Keep reading to learn why.

More Traffic

During the summer, most people’s homes experience a lot more traffic. Your kids and all of their friends are constantly coming and going, family is dropping in more than usual, and your neighbors are stopping by as they walk their dog. Don’t forget that you also had that big fourth of July party. All of these are examples of how your home sees a big increase in foot traffic over the summer.

So what does more foot traffic have to do with cleaning your home? All of those extra people track in dirt, hair, pet dander and whatever else is on them. They also bring in dust, allergens, and flying insects each time they open the door. While it’s wonderful to enjoy the company of others, after a full summer of guests, your home will be ready for a good thorough cleaning.

Open Windows

Being able to have your windows open is one of the greatest pleasures of the warm spring and summer months. Unfortunately, having your windows open more often means an increase in dust and airborne allergens in your home. We aren’t suggesting that you keep your windows tightly shut all year, but when you do enjoy the fresh air, just know that your home will require more regular cleanings.

General Wellness

There are many benefits to keeping a clean home, and general wellness is one of them. An accumulation of dirt and dust can contribute to allergies and respiratory issues. Cold and flu viruses can also be passed around more easily. Therefore, before winter sets in, it’s a good idea to thoroughly clean floors, window coverings, shelves, and any places that might not normally get a good cleaning.

Areas where food has been kept, cooked, or eaten are also key spots that need a good, deep cleaning. Sure, you keep up on the daily task of washing dishes and wiping down counters, but when was the last time you pulled everything out of the refrigerator and freezer and really scrubbed? Or, what about that area behind or on the side of the stove where crumbs and contents of overflowing pots go to rest?

Areas like these require more than just once-a-year cleaning. If they’re forgotten too long, you can end up with bacteria and mold growth. It can even encourage nasty disease-carrying insects and rodents to find a place in your home. For your family’s health and wellness, it’s a great idea to do a good whole-house cleaning several times a year.

Getting Ready For the Holidays

Once autumn hits, you can be sure that it will feel like a steady-stream of holidays is right around the corner. Life is already busy with the kids going back to school and the start of new sporting events, but once the holidays start, it seems like there is never enough time. Get ahead of things this year and plan to have a professional cleaner do a thorough deep clean of your house sometime in the fall. This will give you the extra time you so desperately need for the other areas of your life, plus it will ready your home for the holiday gatherings and impromptu visits that always happen this time of year.

Give Layla’s Maid Service a Call

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